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Cyprus cultural heritage - 10,000 years of Cyprus history make it impossible to even begin to describe the Cypriot culture. Ten millennia of history has left its mark all over the island of Cyprus, in the hundreds of archaeological sites scattered around Cyprus.

It is probably no surprise with a history so long, that Cyprus is remarkably rich in culture. Its importance has been honored by UNESCO, which has included nine of the island's Byzantine Mountain churches and the entire town of Kato Paphos in its World Cultural Heritage List. Wherever you tread in Cyprus you are reminded of a strong tradition that is kept alive from generation to generation through the many events, which are celebrated. Hardly a week goes by in Cyprus without a celebration of some sort, whether it is a colorful festival or homage to a saint on one of the numerous "name days".

Throughout the year there are also exhibitions, concerts, drama and folk festivals. Cypriot culture is also reflected in the rich folk art of the island. Age-old crafts, handed down from one generation to another, are faithfully carried on to this day by skillful hands and nimble fingers, fashioning handicrafts, both decorative and useful, that would grace any home.    

The Greek Orthodox Church has been the mainstay of religion in Cyprus since the 1st century AD. In a society where the church continues to play an important role, old style values have been maintained and the family unit retains close-knit qualities that keep colorful customs alive and underline the warm-hearted character of Cyprus. The people of Cyprus owe their individuality and warmth to the fact that they are the product of an amazingly colorful history. This sun-drenched island has been at the crossroads of world events for centuries. Roman, Byzantine, Greek ,Turkish and British influences (to name just a few) have all had a bearing on life in Cyprus.