Ayia Napa

Why Ayia Napa?

Because of its pristine award winning sun-washed beaches, rolling waves, Luxury Sea view hotels, chic resorts plus copious amounts of sunshine.

Ayia Napa with its wild nights is the party Capital popular with all age groups.  The resort is centered around a picturesque old square, where is a thriving nighttime scene .Hundreds of restaurants serving everything from Greek cuisine to Italian, French and Chinese, along with wine bars, pubs, and taverns with live entertainment and clubs where everybody dances until late hours. Of course it is possible to take a break from this hectic social life, with so many less discovered parts of the area worth exploring, including some secluded coves and several laid back resorts to visit.

Be sure, Ayia Napa will mark you with unforgettable mix of steamy beach life and sexy people - all the ingredients you need for a hot, fun-packed vacation.